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I'm Dean, a gameplay programmer with 8 years experience in software engineering and currently in the game dev industry. I build games in Unity ranging from 2D top down shooters to 3D roguelites with procedurally generated levels.

About Me I enjoy developing A.I and algorithms for procedural level generation so my games can be as replayable as possible, inspired by games like Age of Empires 2 and Slay the Spire. Participate in Game Jams when I feel like I can sacrifice a weekend or two.

Get to know me!

Hey! It's Dean Isseyegh and I'm a Gameplay Programmer located in London. I've been a software engineer for 8 years and am currently working on developing indie games.

I enjoyed developing in Unity with C#, but have dabbled in Libgdx with Java and Kotlin. Thoroughly enjoy short Game Jams and working in small diverse teams with designers, composers and writers.

My interest in gaming started with Zelda on the N64, and continued with other favourites such as Age of Empires 2 and Super Smash Bros .

Always open to hearing about new opportunities or just discussing games and game dev in general.


My Skills


Projects Check out my GitHub and Itch io, or have a look at the overview of my projects below:

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Mouse Trap (Commercial Project)

A turn-based digital 3d adaptation of the classic board game Mouse Trap. Built in Unity/C# and sold on multiple platforms.

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Rogue Dungeon (Solo Project)

A Third Person Action RPG Roguelite with a focus on randomly generated dungeons, enemies and an extendable spell system with the use of Scriptable Objects. Built in Unity/C#.

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Corgi, protecc! (Game Jam)

Developed in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 50 Game Jam. Placed 219th out of ~2k submissions. Developed with a designer, composer and another programmer. A fast-paced top down shooter, with an upgrade system in place between waves to make your character stronger or repair your base.

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Jump N'Bonk (Solo Project)

A 2d platformer with a boss fight and relaxing atmosphere.

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Last Online: 2734 Days Ago (Game Jam)

Developed in 48 hours during the Wholesome Game Jam. Developed with a designer, writer and another programmer. A short game where you complete a couple of mini-games to create a legendary sword. Features branching dialogue, a fishing mini-game and a combat trial.

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Robo Rush (Solo Project)

My first game developed in Unity. A 2d infinite side-scroller where you must destroy and dodge enemies as the levels gets increasingly difficult. Later revisited it and ported it to Android with mobile controls, and optimized via profiler usage.

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Contact You can contact me via email at or connect with me through LinkedIn